Home ICU Setup On Rent – Deluxe Plan Without Ventilator

Original price was: ₹45,000.00.Current price is: ₹41,000.00.


Home ICU Setup On Rent – Deluxe Plan Without Ventilator

* This is standard offering. * Plan can be customized as per patient conditions * All the rentals are non refundable * In case of daily offer full 10 days advance payment * All the rates includes transportation * T&C Apply


Ventilator – Standard Portable

Bed – Standard 3 Function Remote Bed

Monitor – Standard Cardiac Monitor

DVT Pump – Standard

Double Jar Suction – Standard

Oxygen Concentrator – Standard 5 Litre

IV Stand – Standard Portable

Bipap – Standard

Syringe Pump – Standard

Leg Calf – Standard

Nazzle Cannula – Standard

Air Bed – Standard

Mask – Standard Bipap Mask

Delivery Instructions

  • Place your order before 2 pm for same day delivery except for Sunday.
  • After 2 pm order, the product will be delivered within 24hrs except on Sundays.
  • For immediate or exceptional delivery call us on +918070618222


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