Semi Fowler Bed For Sale Delux Arrex

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Semi Fowler Bed For Sale: Delux – Arrex

“Semi Deluxe Fowler bed with detachable stainless steel frame Head and foot bows with laminated panels and roller bumpers. Backrest 0-75º, Knee rest 0-35° 4 section mattress platform made up of CRCA M.S. Sheet and Epoxy coated steel mild structure. 2 Separate crank mechanisms for backrest and knee rest respectively. Stainless Steel drop-down side rails. Provision for I.V. Rod on four locations.”

semi fowler bed for sale delux arrex


Backrest – 0-75º

Knee rest – 0-35º

Mechanism – Stainless Steel drop-down side rails respectively.

Material – Stainless Steel

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